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The Rejuvenator EAA

The Rejuvenator EAA

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The rejuvenator is a full spectrum amino acid supplement inclusive of all amino acids and branch chain amino acids. Our EAA is made from high quality fermented vegan sources. We have added plant based ingredients formulated to boost the body’s own natural collagen production as well as protect collagen from free radical damage. Collagen production will help to support joint health and repair of myofascial tissue. We have added coconut water to provide electrolytes promoting hydration.

The rejuvenator is designed to improve performance during your workouts and to reduce recovery time between workouts. We have included several plant based ingredients to give your body the nutrients it needs to create its own collagen.

*High quality fermented vegan EAA. The building blocks of protein.
*Coconut water to promote hydration
*Bamboo root extract. The richest source of silica which may support collagen production. Also a powerful antioxidant
*Grape seed extract. A powerful antioxidant which may improve collagen levels and bone health.
*Montmorency tart extract. The Anthocyanidins in tart cherries may help to protect the collagen in your body by providing antioxidant support against environmental damage and helping strengthen collagen structures in connective tissues.
*Pomegranate extract a great source of punicalagins which may offer benefits for joint and skin health by inhibiting the activity of enzymes that break village . Pomegranate extract helps to extend the life of fibroblasts to improve skin elasticity.
*Hyaluronic acid can help boost collagen production in the human body. Replenishes skin hydration whilst lubricating joints.
*Proline and Glycine essential for the synthesis of collagen. Provides building blocks that help to stabilise and strengthen the structural components of the body
*Vitamin C critical for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.
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